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We have designed a structured approach for recruitment

We understand your business, your culture, and your challenges in the preliminary phase. We then study with you the issues and characteristics of the position, the profile of candidates and we build with you specific tools for recruitment and assessment.
We also act upstream on the organization of missions of recruitment either at your facility, for instance when a recruitment unit is to be created or when you require advice on sourcing & recruitment strategies.

Our role is to define and implement strategies for sourcing the most suitable candidates according to defined criteria.
We identify the most effective ways depending on the budget and the nature of the mission: searching our database, CV database, specialized research in our network, direct approach, ads in a newspaper, etc.
We can also act on your behalf for the sourcing and pre-qualification of candidates.

We assess the skills, motivation and personal qualities of candidates that we introduce to you and make a prognosis on their risk of failure and success in the considered position. We support our recommendations with analysis, interviews and tests.

We have an advisory role vis--vis the candidates and companies throughout the recruitment process until candidates are confirmed in their new positions. We use coaching methods and tools during the integration phase.