Our values

We give the keys to success for our clients and our consultants with putting them in a position to succeed in every project we work on. We strive to preserve their independence and freedom of choice. We can be helpful but we are not trying to make ourselves indispensable. Our customers and partners are free.

Trust :

Trust is the mother of all affirmative action and efficiency. We trust people and this is reflected in our missions by establishing a bond of trust that serves our efficiency. To be worthy, we attach great importance to integrity, respect for people and concern for our clients’ results. We develop trust by building on strong principles of cooperation, díefficiency et de pragmatism.


Freedom first for ourselves: we are free spirits and independent personalities, and we attach importance to our freedom in action: freedom to choose our missions, our partners, customers, and also the subjects on which we want to intervene. Our experience and what we learned so far do not constrain us. We keep an open mind to follow the developments in the world, and keep the freedom to innovate and offer new services to our customers.
What we have done in the past does not prejudge what we will do in the future: that is what to be free is all about.
Freedom for our customers and partners:
Our goal is not to make our customers, partners or consultants captive but to transfer our expertise and knowledge, really help to solve problems they may encounter and offer them work on attractive projects.

Two core values inspire our actions in everyday life: freedom
and trust. This is the meaning of ELECIO, contraction in
modern Greek of ELEFERIA (Freedom, Autonomy) an
AXIO (Trustworthy).