Our commitments

  1. We are committed to the quality of our work
    For all our interventions, we form the response team under the criteria of competence and cultural proximity. We will then contact you to validate the legitimacy of our team..
    • For recruitment projectst :
      We use a methodological framework that guarantees our customers a professional and structured approach. We are committed to justify our recommendations for the candidates we present to our customers. We use both tailored and on the shelves assessment methods and tools to support our analysis.
    • For consulting projects we develop a specific quality plan that is subject to consultation with our customers during the first stage of the project. At this stage, we define common satisfaction indicators that will be used to measure the quality of our intervention.
    • For training projects, our quality assurance system requires us to make both hot (immediately after the intervention) and cold (a few weeks later) assessments by the customer of the objectives of the service.
  2. We are committed to meet your deadlines and your budget
  3. We are committed to the highest level of ethical behavior
  4. We adopt pragmatic working methods:


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